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california solar panel mandate

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A new Californiasolar panel mandate by the California Energy Commission (CEC) requires all new single-family homes and apartment structures of three stories or less,as well as those with major renovations,to use solar panels by 2020.

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  • What does the California Solar mandate mean for the future of solar?

  • The future of solar in the Golden State is looking brighter than ever thanks to the new, first-of-its-kind California solar mandate, a recent code that requires new homes to be built with a solar electricity system.

  • Do I need to offset my home鈥檚 solar energy?

  • Homes do not need to offset 100% of their home鈥檚 energy with solar. In fact, homes can still rely on other energy sources that do not need to be offset by solar such as: gas stoves and central heating. Who is exempt from the mandate? Homes that are located in areas where the sun is often shaded are exempt from this mandate.

  • Why is California so successful in solar?

  • In fact, much of California鈥檚 success in solar is the result of forward-thinking policies set by the state government, from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) to its ambitious clean energy goals.

  • Should solar companies buy new homebuyers with equipped solar?

  • As potential homebuyers make new home purchases with equipped solar, solar companies no longer have a need to acquire this category of customers and can concentrate on penetrating the market of homeowners with homes built before 2020.

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