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california new build solar requirements

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California鈥檚 2020 Solar Mandate requires all newly built homes to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. These requirements are based on thefloor area of the home and the climate zone. There may be exceptions to the mandate,like a property being too shaded or having too small a roof to install solar panels.

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  • What are the solar-ready requirements?

  • The solar-ready requirements are mandatory measures and applicable to buildings which do not have a solar PV system installed. When a building is built to be solar ready, applicable Energy Code requirements prepare the building for future installation of a solar energy system.

  • What does the California Solar mandate mean for the future of solar?

  • The future of solar in the Golden State is looking brighter than ever thanks to the new, first-of-its-kind California solar mandate, a recent code that requires new homes to be built with a solar electricity system.

  • Do all ADUs permitted in California need to have solar panels?

  • Do all ADUs permitted in California after January 1, 2020 need to have solar panels? According to Title 24, newly built, non-manufactured, detached ADUs will generally need to install solar panels if the local agency is enforcing the prescriptive energy requirements in California鈥檚 state code.

  • What is the California Energy Commission guidance on accessory dwelling unit solar?

  • The CEC (California Energy Commission) has also published guidance in January 2020 that specifically talks about Accessory Dwelling Unit solar panel requirements and some exemptions to the state鈥檚 PV mandate.

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