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bussmann fuse wire

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  • What is a Bussmann fuse?

  • Eaton鈥檚 Bussmann series BBU medium voltage boric acid fuse link and complementary fuse mount or cut-out package is an expulsion fuse link style fuse, complete with a single-pole porcelain fuse mount offering medium voltage protection for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • What is the difference between GE and Eaton Bussmann fuses?

  • (1) GE鈥檚 fuse link is rated at 355A, Eaton鈥檚 Bussmann series at 350A (2) GE鈥檚 fuse link is rated at 450A, Eaton鈥檚 Bussmann series at 400A Please note the Eaton鈥檚 Bussmann series fuse links above are rated at 3.15A. GE and Siba鈥檚 are rated at 3A.

  • What do you know about 18eaton鈥檚 Bussmann series Medium voltage fuse links?

  • 18EATON鈥橲 BUSSMANN SERIES MEDIUM VOLTAGE FUSE LINKS CA132062EN鈥擮ctober 2017 www.eaton.com 17.5 kV – 鈥楢鈥?and 鈥楾鈥?Range current limiting back-up range fuse links Speci铿?cations Description A range of medium voltage DIN Fuse links, complete with sealed striker, suitable for transformer protection.

  • What is the E rating of a Bussmann Din fuse?

  • 74EATON Bussmann series 5.5 kV to 38 kV E-Rated DIN Fuse links Specifications Description DIN dimensional E-Rated power fuse links with striker fitted for indoor use. Agency Meets E Requirements per ANSI C37.46, meets general purpose and full range requirements per ANSI C37.40. Ratings Voltage: 5.5 – 38 kV Current: 10 – 450 E IR: 25 – 65 kA

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