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  • What is balance of solar PV systems (Bos)?

  • Balance of Solar PV Systems (BOS) A Solar PV Balance-of-System or BOS refers to the components and equipment that move DC energy produced by solar panels through the conversion system which in turn produces AC electricity. Most often, BOS refers to all components of a PV system other than the modules.

  • What is the balance of system (BOS)?

  • The balance of system (BOS) is each and every part and equipment used in the photovoltaic system other than solar panels. BOS primarily includes inverters, batteries, charge controllers, power conditioners, switches, wiring, and junction boxes.

  • Why choose Bos AG?

  • Head to our projects section to find successful stories and implementations. BOS AG is a German manufacturer and developer of hybrid battery energy storage technology, experts in solar energy and lithium ion based battery systems. We enable freedom where power is far away, but absolute reliability of electricity is crucial.

  • Why choose solarbos?

  • As a result of these constant efforts, SolarBOS has successfully supported over 8,500 MW of solar projects – that’s almost 25% of all the solar installed in North America. We do this not only to keep good manufacturing jobs stateside, but also to help our customers meet tight deadlines, get the product built right AND save money on shipping costs.

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