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  • How does the Bluesky project work?

  • The scientific Python ecosystem is built on protocols, such as Numpy’s array protocol, that enable software to be combined and repurposed in ways not foreseen by the original authors. Drawing inspiration from this, the software libraries in the Bluesky Project interoperate through carefully-defined software interfaces.

  • What is the file format of the Bluesky files?

  • Bluesky is file format-agnostic. Individual suitcase packages encode data and metadata from bluesky’s in-memory data model to existing file formats. Export can be performed during acquisition or later.

  • What is blue sky plan®?

  • Blue Sky Plan is computer software for viewing and reformatting images created by computerized tomography and can be used for virtual implant treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication. For more information regarding the beta version of Blue Sky Plan please email [email protected]

  • How do I get a license code for Blue Sky Plan?

  • After downloading please complete the registration form in the software to request your license code. Blue Sky Bio, LLC is not affiliated with, nor warrants the products of other implant companies listed within Blue Sky Plan software.

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