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  • What does Bluesun do for clients?

  • We do this through education, technology, accommodation, and advocacy assistance. Job development services offered by BlueSun include vocational exploration, job search, job application assistance, resume writing assistance, interview training, meeting with employers to advocate for client placement, and job coaching.

  • Who is Bluesun solar?

  • Bluesun Solar Co., Ltd. located in Shushan District, Hefei City, was established in 2013. It is currently the largest export company in the photovoltaic industry of Alibaba International Station and the only supplier of Alibaba International Station with a credit of USD 5.6 million.

  • What is a Bluesun system kit?

  • Customized solar system , From solar panel to inverter to the screws – Bluesun system kits contain all of the components necessary to construct and operate a solar power system. Once the Bluesun kit is delivered, it is ready to be installed.

  • What is talesun Solar’s strategic cooperation with Bluesun solar about?

  • Recently, the general manager of Talesun Solar Co., Ltd visited Bluesun Solar Co., Ltd Headquarters. Daixi Jun, the general manager, had an in-depth discussion with Talesun Solar on the development of the international photovoltaic industry in the future, and signed a 2022 500MW strategic cooperation agreement.

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