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  • Who is behind bluesolar technology?

  • Capsun Technologies has developed the BlueSolar Technology together with Ghenova Ingenieria. Capsun core knowledge comes from highly qualified personnel coming from solar leading institutions worldwide.

  • What are the voltages of the bluesolar devices?

  • BlueSolar PWM 12/24/48 Volt BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller (DUO) LCDUSB 12 / 24 / 48 Volt EasySolar 1600VA, 3000VA, 5000VA This site is powered by Victron Energy Energy. Anytime. Anywhere. Sitemap

  • How many watts can the bluesolar MPPT charge controller support?

  • This charge controller can support up to 450W of solar panels at 12V or 900W at 24V. BlueSolar MPPT charge controllers are compatible with the Victron Bluetooth Dongle, MPPT Control and Color Control GX Monitor for programming and monitoring.

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