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  • Why choose B Battery?

  • B.B. Battery has devoted on VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery for over 20 years! We are serving the excellent quality products and we care about people needs. We continuosely upgrade the excellent energy solutions for clients around the world. RD Department is one of the core competences of B.B. Battery.

  • Where are B Battery batteries made?

  • Prior to shipping your batteries to us Since day one, B.B. Battery has been positioned as a professional Lead-Acid battery manufacturer, locating in China and aiming to global market. Products and markets are targeted for diversified applications, ie.

  • What happened to the a and B B Batteries?

  • The mid-size A and B batteries simply didn鈥檛 have a market and more or less disappeared in the U.S. While you typically won鈥檛 see either A or B batteries on American store shelves, they鈥檙e still out there in the wild. A batteries were used in early-model laptop battery packs and some hobby battery packs.

  • What is the role of the R&D department at B Battery?

  • RD Department is one of the core competences of B.B. Battery. It鈥檚 organized as We target on energy-saving, waste and pollution reduction through efficiency improvement. For each product, we offer documentation and testing. We support yearly over thousands of technical consultancy to our sales force and clients

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