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aurora pvi-3.6 outd inverter

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  • What is the installation wiring section of the Aurora inverter?

  • This section is dedicated to initial installation wiring of the AURORA Inverter and assumes the unit has been physically mounted in its final location, but not yet wired. If the inverter has been previously wired and connected to the PV array and/or the AC grid, refer to Part 6: Maintenance for disconnection procedures.

  • How does the Aurora inverter reduce power output?

  • The Aurora inverter can thus decrease power output during certain periods of the day according to these parameters. In any case, the inverter ensures top power up to 40C ambient temperature, when it is not directly exposed to the sun. Figure 7-10: Power derating over Temperature range -25 to 60C at 208V ac output

  • What instruments are used in the Aurora inverter?

  • The AURORA Inverter provides operational data to the user through the following instruments: 鈥? LED Indicator lights 鈥? Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 鈥? Digital data transmission via a dedicated RS-485 serial port using AURORA Inverter Protocol and a PC or a data logger equipped with an RS-485 port to collect data.

  • What type of data can be collected from Aurora inverter?

  • AURORA Inverter provides two types of data that can be collected using the display and/or the appropriate interface software. Real-Time Operational Data Real-time operational data can be transmitted on demand through the communication lines and are not stored inside the inverter.

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