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  • Who is ATI Technologies?

  • Array Technologies (ATI) is a global leader in solar tracking systems and solutions. ATI manufactures their products in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has supplied over 20,000 solar trackers to residential applications, and more than 6 gigawatts to commercial and utility projects around the world.

  • Why array Technologies (ATI)?

  • Array Technologies (ATI) has the experience, engineering, quality management, supply chain and support to provide the highest level of reliability and bankability in the industry. Their tracking systems boast proven reliability with a field uptime of 99.99%. Watch Array Technologies DTHZ 25 MW Installation Time Lapse here.

  • What is the best solar asset tracking system?

  • Their industry-leading DuraTrack HZ single-axis tracker is the most widely-deployed tracking system in the world, delivering the best value to solar asset owners through the highest reliability and the lowest cost of ownership. Learn more about Array technologies and their product lines on their website here.

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