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  • Who makes Astronergy solar panels?

  • The manufacturer is CHINT Solar, which makes Astronergy solar panels 鈥?and their site is a beauty. It kept me entertained for hours. I talked to their representative a couple of weeks ago but only got around to checking what they have on the internet today and I鈥檓 very glad I did.

  • What is the difference between Astro Boy and Astronergy solar panels?

  • That鈥檚 easy to do because the answer is 鈥?absolutely nothing! This is because Astronergy solar panels are real while Astro Boy is a fictional character. What鈥檚 more, he鈥檚 a fictional character who is nuclear powered. The literal translation of his Japanese name is Atom and his sister is called Uran, which is short for Uranium.

  • What is the warranty on astroenergy solar panels in Australia?

  • Update 10:04 am 17th Sept 2019: Astroenergy has told me they have a 12 year product warranty on all panels sold in Australia and not the 10 years given in the warranty document I downloaded from their site. If you get CHINT Solar / Astronergy panels, I recommend checking you can get a 12 year product warranty for them.

  • Are Astronergy solar panels Tier 1?

  • Astronergy Solar Panels are Tier 1 Astronergy is a tier one manufacturer of solar panels. They were apparently anointed with this status by Bloomberg in 2016. Tier one means banks and financial organisations are willing to lend money to large scale solar energy projects using those panels.

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