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ap systems micro inverters

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The APsystems (APS) Micro invertershifts DC to AC conversion from a single,centralized string inverter to a compact unit attached directly to each solar module in the power system. Distributing the conversion process to each module makes the entire solar power system more productive,reliable,and smarter than traditional inverter systems.

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  • How does APsystems microinverter work?

  • One APsystems unit handles two PV modules, lowering installation and balance-of-system costs. All APsystems microinverters are engineered to comply with local grid requirements, ensuring safety of system installers and emergency responders.

  • What is a Zigbee APsystems microinverter?

  • Communication : ZigBee APsystems microinverters mark a breakthrough in solar technology, making PV arrays more powerful, smart, bankable, cost effective and safe.

  • What are the different types of microinverters?

  • Commercial-grade microinverter, 3-module layout for PV modules up to 365W, 4-module layout for PV modules up to ideal for 60 or 72-cell PV modules up to 310W. Utilizes trunk cable. 230v/400V. Dual-module microinverter ideal for 60 or 72-cell PV modules up to 365W. 230V. Reactive Power Control features ready ! Peak output power 600VA.

  • What is APsystems?

  • APsystems is leading the industry in solar microinverter technology, by putting more power and efficiency into your solar array. APsystems offer superior value, performance and the highest quality Tier 1 quality. SMART – APS lets you track the performance of each module through any web-enabled device.

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