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aluminum conductor resistance table

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  • What is the electrical resistance in single core conductors?

  • Sponsored Links Electrical resistance in single core conductors: Cross Sectional Area (mm2) Resistance (ohm/km) Resistance (ohm/km) Copper Aluminum 0.5 34.5 53 0.75 23 35.3 1.0 17.2 26.5 19 more rows …

  • What is the DC resistance of aluminum at 20 degrees Celsius?

  • The D.C resistance at temperature conductors of nom. cross-sectional areas up to and including The temperature coefficient20is for aluminium is 0.00403. per degree Celsius at 20C (20) for copper is 0.00393 and =conductor resistance at conductor temperature coeffient resistance atof resistance(鈩?of(鈩?

  • What is the meaning of conduction resistance?

  • CONDUCTOR RESISTANCE. Conductor Resistance is a measure of the difficulty to the pass an electrical current through it. Higher the resistance, lesser the current will flow though the conductor. Resistance of a conductor is influenced by conductor dimension, construction and conditions like temperature and resistivity.

  • What is the resistivity and conductivity of copper?

  • Resistivity 蟻 (ohm m) Temperature coefficient 伪 per degree C Conductivity 蟽 x 107/惟m Ref Silver 1.59 x10-8 .0038 6.29 3 Copper 1.68 x10-8

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