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agriculture solar pump set

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  • What is solar pumping system?

  • Solar pumping systems are best suited for pumping operating like to pump water out of the bore, for instance, or transfer it from the dam to the storage tank, in which pumps run continuously for most of the day.

  • What is the cost of solar water pumps?

  • Cost of Solar Pump Sets: The cost of the solar water pumps based on their capacity and type is given below: 5 HP AC solar pump set system cost approximately: 4,90,000 3 HP AC solar pump set system cost approximately: 3,20,360

  • How many solar water pumps will the government distribute to farmers?

  • * Government aims to distribute 27.5 Lakh solar water pumps amongst farmers. *17.5 Lac pumps will be installed off-grid to aid irrigation needs of farmers to remote locations.

  • What are the advantages of using solar pumps in agriculture?

  • There is huge potential for increasing agricultural productivity and income due to constant access to water (additional cropping season, diversification of cropping pattern, higher-value crops). The solar pumps can be used more efficiently if combined with a drip or other water-efficient irrigation technologies.

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