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  • Which ABB current transformers can be used for fiscal applications?

  • All ABB current transformers with at least 0.5 precision class can be used for fiscal applications since they are also equipped with a sealable terminals cover for their secondary terminals.

  • Why ABABB CT-S Timers?

  • ABB鈥檚 advanced CT-S range of electronic timers is ideal for universal use. The range includes 24 single-function devices and 16 multifunction timers with up to 17 functions offering the highest flexibility in operation. The devices feature 7 or 10 time ranges that are adjustable from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours.

  • What is a compensating reactor on an ABB CVT?

  • ABB CVTs have the compensating reactor installed on the high voltage side of the primary winding, which reduces the stray capacitance, enabling the use of higher frequencies (鈮?00 kHz) for power line carrier transmission. Figure 4.5 Power line equipment 76 Application Guide | ABB Instrument Transformers

  • How does ABB 23 work?

  • ABB Instrument Transformers | Application Guide 23 is simultaneously loaded. The load current from the other winding passes through the primary winding and gives rise to a primary voltage drop, which is introduced into the first winding.

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