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72 cell panel

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  • What are 72-cell solar panels?

  • 72-cell solar panels appear similar to 60-cell solar panels yet feature an extra 2 rows of solar cells added to the length of the module. This lowers overall module production cost per watt, passing savings on to the end-user.

  • What is a 72 cell PV module used for?

  • 72 cell PV modules are primarily used for large commercial, ground mounted and carport solar panel systems. Call (877) 297-0014 for wholesale price and availability. What’s the difference between a 60-cell and 72-cell solar panel?

  • How many cells are in a solar panel?

  • The number of cells in a solar panel can vary from 36 cells to 144 cells. The two most common solar panel options on the market today are 60-cell and 72-cell.

  • Can I use 72 cell solar panels in a microinverter?

  • Note that not all microinverters will support 72 cell solar panels, so 60 cell is still the only option in some cases, mostly for home systems. Most 72 cell panels still weigh less than the 50 lb restriction set by OSHA, so can be carried by one person, although their size can make it awkward to handle alone.

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