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60kw inverter

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  • Why choose the GEP 50-60kw inverter?

  • All these intelligent features make the GEP 50-60kW one of the most future-proof inverters in its class. Optional Type I surge protection on the DC side (default Type II for both AC DC sides) can limit the impact of lightning on the inverter, providing all-round protection for the PV system and upgraded safety and reliability.

  • What is an intelligent inverter?

  • This intelligent inverter performs remote scanning of all PV strings and monitors the entire system at string level.

  • What is the operating temperature of the inverter?

  • With a wide operating temperature ranging from -30鈩?to 60鈩? this inverter has a truly outstanding temperature tolerance range. Its ability to run at full load even when temperatures reach 50鈩? bring increased power generation and long-term returns, especially for operation in hot regions.

  • What is included with the CPS 50/60kw products?

  • The CPS 50/60kW products ship with either the Standard wire-box or the Rapid Shutdown wire-box, each fully integrated and separable with touch safe fusing, monitoring, and AC and DC disconnect switches.

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