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6 2 or 6 3 wire

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  • Can I use 6 gauge wire for 60 a?

  • If you want to use 6 gauge wire for 60 A, you need to pull THHN or THWN through a conduit. See Table 310.16 in the National Electrical Code, which you can access for free here.

  • What gauge wire should I use for my appliances?

  • Whether it鈥檚 going to be 8/2 or 8/3 here again goes by the same recommendations as above. A 6 AWG gauge wire capable of handling 60 amps is better suited for feeding a sub-panel, a range, a double oven, depending on the amperage rating listed on the appliance. For any of these situations, it should be a 6/3 cable to also supply the 120 volts.

  • What kind of wire do you use for electrical outlets?

  • 6-3 Indoor Non-Metallic Jacket Wire (By-the-Metre) Used for outlets, switches, ceiling fans, and other household appliances

  • What is the difference between 8 gauge and 10 gauge wire?

  • 10 AWG gauge wires are for loads up to 30 amps, usually at 240 volts. Where the appliances they feed have internal circuitry running on 120 volts鈥攍ight bulbs or controls鈥?0/3 cables with one wire white should be used, but if 120 volts isn鈥檛 required, a 10/2 cable would be ideal and cheaper. 8 AWG gauge wires can handle up to 45 amps.

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