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48v water pump

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  • What is an ecp80 water pump?

  • eCP80 – Sealless Electric Water Pump. The sealless eCP80 ePump is a high-performance electric water pump, with an intelligent CAN enabled controller. The controller allows the pumps speed to be controlled via CANbus and also allows the pump to give full diagnostic information back to the vehicle.

  • How many gallons per hour does a 600 watt solar water pump produce?

  • 600W solar water pump with special DC controller has maximum head 42~80m (135~260ft), maximum flow 800~1585 gallons per hour, 3 inch/4 inch inlet diameter and 1.25 inch outlet diameter. 48V DC solar powered submersible water pump can be used for pool, tank, water feature or fountain. Max. Flow Max. Head *

  • How big is the head of a solar water pump?

  • Head: 80m, Model: 3DPC3-80-48-600 Max. Flow: 4.0m 3 /h, Max. Head: 80m, Model: 3DSC4-80-48-600 Max. Flow: 6.0m 3 /h, Max. Head: 42m, Model: 4DPC6-42-48-600 The solar water pump plays a major role in water supply on pastures in the America, Australia and Southern Africa.

  • What is the avid ecp80 sealless coolant pump?

  • Available as 24V or 48V DC input the AVID eCP80 sealless coolant pump is perfect for high-performance thermal management applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Current applications include: Battery and traction system cooling systems for heavy-duty and high performance electric and hybrid vehicles

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