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400vdc inverter

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  • What is the output voltage of a 600V inverter?

  • The inverters convert 600Vdc industrial input voltage (450V to 800Vdc range) to an isolated sine wave output of 115Vac continuous at 60Hz or 400Hz, or 230Vac continuous at 50Hz. The design topology allows for higher input voltages of up to 1200Vdc.

  • What is a 220V or 240V inverter?

  • We carry a wide array of 220V or 240 VAC 60 Hz DC to AC power inverters manufactured by Aims and Magnum Energy. 220V or 240V inverters are generally used on appliances such as industrial refrigerators and freezers, large water pumps, clothes washers and dryers, stoves, ranges and large air conditioners.

  • What is a csh 500-f6 inverter?

  • ABSOPULSE has recently added the CSH 500-F6 to its line of high input voltage DC-AC sine wave inverters. The units use microprocessor controlled, high frequency PWM technology to deliver 500VA pure sinewave output voltage. Other designs in this series include the CSH 300-F6 (300VA) and CSH 400-F6 (400VA).

  • What is a high input voltage dc-ac sine wave inverter?

  • The high input voltage DC-AC sine wave inverters are designed for industrial applications that require clean sine wave AC-output voltage. They are suitable for operation in industrial automation and control, transportation, power plants and electrical utilities.

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