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3hp solar water pump price

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  • What is a 3 hp solar water pump?

  • A 3 HP solar water pump uses Solar Energy generated by 3kW solar panel to operate or power the pump. This solar pump has advanced safety features such as dry run, reverse polarity, low Voltage etc. solar water pump is warranted for 5 years and Solar Panel comes with 25 year warranty.

  • How much does a 3HP solar pump cost in India?

  • 3HP solar pump price Solar water pump Selling price DC Submersible solar pump Rs. 2,08,000 AC Submersible solar pump Rs. 1,95,000 AC Surface solar pump Rs. 1,80,000 DC Surface solar pump Rs. 1,95,000 3 more rows …

  • How much does a solar water pump cost?

  • Price. 1 HP Solar Water Pump. 85,000. 2 HP Solar Water Pump. 1,50,000. 3 HP Solar Water Pump. 2,00,000. 5 HP Solar Water Pump. 2,95,000.

  • What are the different types of solar-pumps?

  • The solar-pumps are classified into two types namely submersible solar pump and surface solar pump. These solar pumps can be further classified into DC pumps, and AC pumps. Solar 3HP submersible water pumps are mainly used in areas where water is accessible at a larger depth i.e. more than 20 meter and where open wells are not available.

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