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325 solar panel

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  • What can a 325 watt solar panel power?

  • 325 Watt Solar Panels The 325 W solar panels can power your home as well as commercial sites up to 10-30 kWh. Solar panels 325 watt are often enough for powering a camper van or a tiny boat. It has high efficiency and is at a competitive price.

  • Why choose rec325np solar panels?

  • REC is known for leading standards of design and manufacturing to produce long-lasting and high-performance solar panels with reliable power output. The REC325NP is guaranteed high power output over its warranted lifetime. The REC N-Peak series comes with REC’s best warranty:

  • What is the Rec n-peak solar panel?

  • REC Solar’s N-Peak REC325NP solar panel is a premium monocrystalline solar panel using REC’s proven half-cut cell technology. REC N-Peak combines the most efficient C-SI technolgy with the power output of it’s proven twin panel design.

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