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30a disconnect

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  • What is the cable operated version of the disconnect switch?

  • The cable oper- ated version allows you to install the disconnect switch anywhere in the enclosure depending on the length of the cable. Cables are available in lengths up to 84 inches.

  • What is a Mennekes disconnect switch?

  • MENNEKES鈥?diverse and versatile line of disconnect switches and enclosures provide a reliable means of controlling power for personnel access while meeting lockout-tagout (LO/TO) requirements for safety.

  • What is the difference between 30A and 60A?

  • Note: 30A bodies have 1鈥?top and bottom drilled and tapped conduit entrances. 60A 100A bodies have 1-鈥?top and bottom drilled and tapped conduit entrances. Haarous Location Unuse Disconnect Sitces Mecanical Interlocs an Plugs

  • What is a circuit-lock®200A disconnect switch?

  • Designed to withstandharsh industrial environments with exposure to water, chemicals, oils and frequent washdowns. Circuit-Lock200A Disconnect Switches Description Catalog Number

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