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3/0 wire vs 3 awg

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  • What is 3 0 electrical wire used for?

  • Multiconductor cables are used behind the walls of your home and to connect heavy appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Commonly called type NM, or nonmetallic, these electric cables consist of a live, or hot, wire; ground wire; and neutral wire, which are encased in a plastic sheath.

  • What size is 3 0 wire?

  • Wire Gauge Size Chart. American Wire Gauge standards range from 0000 (which can handle up to 302 amps) to 40 (which can handle up to 0.0137 amps). Most household and commercial wiring demands range from 2 (95 amp maximum) or 3 (85 amp maximum) to 14 (15 amp maximum).

  • How many AMPS is 3 AWG wire good for?

  • The amperage rating of a cord is a function of the wire gauge, number of current carrying conductors and length of the cord. When a cord has three current carrying conductors there is a decrease in amperage. … 16 AWG: 2 or 3: 2: 13 Amps: 10 Amps: 300 Volts AC: 1 A conductor that is used to carry an unbalanced current from the other conductors …

  • How much is 3 0 copper wire per foot?

  • 3/0 Gauge THHN wire contains Copper (CU) Conductors. 3/0 THHN comes stranded with variety of colors and lengths. See More Details. Covers 500 ft. ( $3.73 /ft.) $1864.61. OR. $ 311 00. per month* suggested payments with 6 months* financing on this $ 1864.61 purchase*. Apply for a Home Depot Consumer Card.

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