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20a 3 pole circuit breaker

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  • What is the voltage rating of a General Electric 3 pole breaker?

  • General Electric three pole 20 ampere bolt-on molded case circuit breaker with maximum voltage rating of 480V trip type fixed thermal magnetic and standard interrupting rating of 14 kiloampere at 480V functions long-time and instantaneous. 鈥?Authentic General Electric Product. Have Questions?

  • What is the TA35 series rocker actuated thermal circuit breaker?

  • The TA35 series rocker actuated Thermal Circuit Breaker for use with cleaning equipment. It features supplementary protector for general industrial use. 鈥?Positively trip-free release 鈥?Snap-in mounting 鈥?Version with illuminated rocker 鈥?Different rocker …

  • What does s203-c20 mean?

  • The S203-C20 Miniature circuit breaker is part of ABB’s System pro M compact S200 series. A miniature circuit breaker guarantees years of consistent efficiency. A key feature is that it can be switched on again after it has tripped, simply by manually swit…

  • Why choose system Pro M compact S200 series miniature circuit breaker?

  • The System Pro M Compact S200 series miniature Circuit Breaker provides state-of-the-art safety and comfort. They stand out due to their high performance and the wide range of accessories and approvals. It has unique patented twin terminals with captive sc…

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