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18 vs 14 gauge wire

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  • What is the difference between 16 gauge and 18 gauge wire?

  • The lower the AWG, the more current capacity it can carry. draws a current from the supply. The 16 AWG wire can accommodate an appliance with a higher wattage (power) than an 18 AWG wire.

  • Where to wire the 18 wire with the 14 wire?

  • I was planning to wire the #18 wire with the #14 right behind the fixture (between the wall and the fixture) to help dissipate heat of the #18 wire. Thank you for giving me confidence to tackle this job.

  • What are the different gauge wire sizes?

  • Share: GAUGE SWG DIAMETER (Inches) AWG DIAMETER (Millimeters) 14 Gauge Wire 0.0800 in 1.626 mm 16 Gauge Wire 0.0640 in 1.290 mm 18 Gauge Wire 0.0480 in 1.024 mm 20 Gauge Wire 0.0360 in 0.8128 mm

  • How many AMPS is 18 gauge power cord Good for?

  • A light-duty 18 AWG power cord is good for about 5 amps. That鈥檚 OK for a PC with up to a 600 watt power supply. Above 600 watts, assuming your computer is actually using that much power, you push the limits of an 18 AWG power cord and can expect the cord to heat up and possibly malfunction.

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