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14 gauge wire stripper

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  • What size wire do you use on a wire stripper?

  • This tool is a self-adjusting wire stripper that that accommodates wire gauges up to 20 AWG. It also has an integrated crimper that will crimp 10-22 non-insulated wire, 22 AWG insulated wire and terminals from 7-9mm.

  • What is the best wire stripping tool?

  • The Vise-Grip Multi-tool will strip any wire from 10-22 AWG and/or cut that wire with remarkable ease. Everything is labeled clearly and effectively so even a novice won鈥檛 get confused. The Vise-Grip Multi-tool gets high marks across the board and is our consensus Best Choice among top-rated wire strippers.

  • What does a Dowell wire stripper cut?

  • The Dowell wire stripper comes with a built-in wire cutter, which lets you cut copper and aluminum cables from 10 up to 22 AWG. It also utilizes high-quality springs, which reduce the effort required to operate the tool.

  • What is the easiest way to strip wires?

  • The easiest way for stripping wires is to use an automatic wire stripper. With this device, wire stripping becomes as easy as putting the wire in the stripper and pulling it. There鈥檚 no need to measure the gauge and the stripping length as it鈥檚 already determined by the tool itself.

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