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100 kw inverter price

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  • What is 3 Phase 4 wire power inverter?

  • 3 phase 4 wire power inverter is a pure sine wave off grid inverter with low price, low frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz, 100kW high power output rating, no battery storage system, transforms 480V DC to 400V/ 460V AC (input and output voltage are customizable), high efficiency and stable performance. 240V 300V 360V 480V 600V 800V …

  • Are your inverters easy to transport?

  • In developing our inverters, we set great store on making them as easy as possible to transport. Our central inverters have recesses in the base to enable them to be moved easily using a lift truck or forklift, and are also equipped with lifting eyes. User-friendly and safe transport guaranteed!

  • What is a heat sink in an inverter?

  • For example, a heat sink of a power semiconductor or the like maintains a relatively high temperature for a period of time after the inverter is powered off.

  • How do I connect my inverter to the grid?

  • All electrical installations must meet local and national electrical standards. The inverter can be connected to the grid only after obtaining the permission of the local power department and all electrical connections are completed by professional technicians.

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