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10 gauge copper wire amp rating

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30 amps

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  • How many AMPS is a 10 gauge copper wire?

  • NEC 10-gauge copper wire has a rating of 30 amps. 10-gauge solid copper wire in general has a resistance of almost exactly 1 ohm per 1000 feet. The rating is limited by how much heat the insulation was designed to withstand. NEC 60/75/90 deg C rated insulated wire is rated for 30/35/40 amps respectfully. Click to see full answer

  • What is a 10 gauge wire rated for?

  • Likewise, what is 10 gauge wire rated for? If you are simply talking about a typical 10 gauge cable used in building wiring, the National Electrical Code limits 10AWG wire to 30A for most applications. This figure is necessarily a conservative rating for safety under most typical situations.

  • What is the current rating of a copper wire?

  • Current Load Ratings – Copper (amps)1) . . 1) Current ratings for up to 1000 V, PVC-insulated single and multicore wiring cables, ambient temperature up to 30oC Values for resistance are based on electrical resistivity for copper 1.724 x 10-8 惟 m (0.0174 渭惟 m) and electrical resistivity for aluminum 2.65 x 10-8 惟 m (0.0265 渭惟 m).

  • What is the amp rating for AWG wire?

  • Common US AWG wire gauges and amps ratings AWG Diameter (mm) Diameter (in) Square (mm2) Resistance Copper (ohm/1000m) 00 (2/0) 9.3 0.37 67.4 0.26 000 (3/0) 10.4 0.41 85.0 0.20 0000 (4/0) 11.7 0.46 107 0.16 250 127 34 more rows …

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